Kaleidoscope Bake off


The Kaleidoscope team are holding their very own Bake Off in aid of the wonderful charity ‘Teenage Cancer Trust’. Teenage Cancer Trust has a mission to raise funds, educate, and support teenagers fighting cancer. For more information, please visit www.teenagecancertrust.org on what they do and how they raise and spend donations.

This charity was nominated by myself, as at the moment a friend of mines son is currently battling cancer and is being treated at the LGI.

There are 10 rounds in total, (consisting of 24 bakers) held weekly, with themes including vegetable cake, pastry week, cheesecake and sweet tart or pie. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are Kaleidoscope’s very own Angie Midgley and Kirsty Ellis, with the occasional guest judge Sean Nugent or Jodie Smith. The judge’s score on presentation and taste, with the winner being the one who has the highest total score.

Our very own “Mel and Sue” aka Kathryn Marr and Natalie Jackson are in charge of the judging table and introductions, offering plenty of wit and good humour.

Each week the round draws in a rather spectacular crowd (after all it’s cake and excuse to be away from your desk for 10 minutes) – to witness the nail biting tension of who is to be crowned the week’s winner. The judges take their role very seriously …..   to the extent of cleansing their palate with cold water prior to tasting (all very professional!).

Each winner goes through to the ‘showstopper’ round which is to be held early November with at this year’s theme being a “Yorkshire Cake” and going by last year’s bake off final we are going to be in for some spectacular baking treats (Nadiya Hussain will have nothing on these spectacular creations).

After the winner is declared, the Kaleidoscope team then get to sample the baking delights by donating £1 to the Teenage Cancer Trust charity. You have to be quick as these treats don’t hang around for long.

So far we have raised just over £350, with two more rounds plus the showstopper to go.

Mel (aka Natalie) then posts photo’s (taken by the keen eyed photographer Carey Pinder) of the entries on Kaleidoscope’s facebook and instagram pages   .

Please check out what we’ve posted so far – our intention is to have the Showstopper event in the Bistro and everyone will be invited! Look out for updates on this!

Written by Sophie Morley

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