Snowdon? Snow-done!


Well we made it!! On Saturday 12th November 2016 thirteen of us humans and one husky dog called Nanook (wearing shoes) conquered Mount Snowdon!

After raising over £20,000 for Movember in the last four years, this year team FGH decided to raise money for two different charities; Cancer research UK and Bradford Foodbank, and decided Snowdon would be the perfect challenge! Do not be fooled by some of the beautiful pictures of the stunning views, Snowdon threw all it had at us from rain and 30mph winds to sheer rock faces and even some actual snow.

After some Sat-nav confusion and a miles walk to the actual starting line we were ready and raring to go. Over the next few hours we trekked up the mountain, with some nice(ish) paths and some seriously tricky scrambles. Luckily it only rained once and about half way up there were some fantastic views of the two lakes and mountain range below.


Following a quick refuel break a couple of hours in we thought we must be nearing the top – not least because every group we passed going the opposite way told us the summit was only ’10 minutes away’ and we were ‘nearly there’. Spoiler alert – they were filthy liars. It was probably a good job though, if we had known we were an eternity away we might have given up altogether!!

We soldiered on and at last, after a final push, the summit was in sight. There was no view because of the thick fog, a bitterly cold wind and a jostle to get onto the plinth, but we had done it – we were 1,085 meters above sea level on the top of an actual mountain! After celebrating with hugs, chocolate panettone and a slug of whisky we quickly set off on the way back down (before we all died of frostbite).


Half walking, half bum sliding, we carefully made our way back down the mountainside until we reached the two lakes we had earlier seen from half way up and AT LAST some flat ground. We mistakenly thought it would be plain sailing from here, but apparently someone thought it would be a great idea to make all the paths around the mountain out of craggy boulders rather than gravel – Snowdon would just not give us a break!

FINALLY – with shaking legs, feet like trotters and soaked through to the skin, we made it back to the car. With some delirious car karaoke on the way (Miley Cyrus’s ‘The Climb’ seemed most appropriate) we made it back to civilisation for a well deserved pint (or three) before heading back to the cottage for curry, wine and Jenga. The ordeal was over!!

All in all, despite how difficult it was we all had a fantastic time. We are happy to say we’ve already raised we have raised over £1,100 and are still going! Please click here to donate or find a sponsor form

Thanks so much to all those who have donated!

The Snowdon Crew


(Darren Scott, Nathaniel Chang, Lian Whitehouse, John Cook, Katie Baxter, Leah Colven, Daisy Orrell, Mark Feather, Dominic Mercer-Brown, Tim Hunter, & Bruno Gomes PLUS Bruno’s lovely girlfriend, Paul Dean and Nanook the dog)

There is also a blog from the NANOOK, the 10 year old dog that came with us if you would like to see his perspective.

 Written by Daisy Orrell

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