Stuck what to buy this Christmas?!


…. Then take a look at some of our customers’ top choices for gifts this season for all the family, offering great value for money!

The 3 for 2’s continue to be really popular with our customers and the majority are included in this offer!

Top 5 Gifts Overall 

Sunkissed Bronze Compact (62W677) £7 – this has been a top gift year on year and has had some great reviews.  It’s ideal for disguising that winter pallor or for adding a bit of colour to the complexion after too many late nights!

Alphabet Figures Beatrix Potter (69D505) £8 – a cute gift for cute people – what more can you say!

Starlight Friend Bottle (87X199) £8 – a lovely touch for that special friend

Pamper Kit for Hands (21X773) £8 – keep those hard working  hands looking their best

Personalised Frozen PJ’s (57D300) £12 – kids will love these with their name on

The Top 5 Gifts for Ladies includes 3 of the above Sunkissed Bronze Compact, Starlight Friend Bottle and Pamper Kit for Hands and also:-

Sunkissed Natural Palette (91e889) £6 – have that sunkissed look all year round

Foot Care Pamper Kit (98J435) £9 – for some TLC after all that Christmas party dancing!

Top 5 Gifts for Men

Men’s Moccasin Slippers (37D856) £15 – you can’t go wrong with a pair of these!

Lounge Pants (pack of 2) – either Family Guy (25C272) or Simpsons (85h616) at £20 per pack – for lounging in of course!

Men’s Leather Wallet (24X504) £6 – every man should have one!

Pack of 5 pairs of Socks by Farah (16J250) £8 – a staple in any wardrobe (or drawer)

Top 5 Gadgets – popular for anyone who is a do-it-yourself fan and at a great price! 

Magnetic DIY Wristband (88E040) £10

Remote Control Laser Light (87W642) £45 – this is our top gift by value

Screw driver/Spirit Level multi-tool (10B850) £5

40 piece Drive Socket Set (28W612) £10

Connected Touch Screen Gloves (77J041) £10

Happy Shopping!

Written by Mandy Kellett & Nick Blake

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