FGH girls are having a (net)ball


2016 brought us many turbulent times, but it looks like 2017 will bring even more turbulence as FGH enter a ladies netball team into a local league!

Our team name: the FGH Ballers. And here we are:


Our first match was Thursday evening and 11 of us across the business headed over to jump straight into a league match having had no practice beforehand… ‘But what if you lose?’ they cried! ‘Oh, but what if we WIN’ we replied…

Well we lost. The final score was 35-2, so we REALLY lost. But, in our defence, we played against the top team in the league who had been playing as a team for 7 years. Our team played really well considering some of us haven’t been on a court for quite a few years. We also took the roof off when we scored our first goal and even our opponents were cheering us on! We’re the underdogs!


The whistle was blown plenty of times on our side, but surprisingly most of them were not for Lynn O’Donoghue making contact with players! Leah Colven was awarded Woman of the Match but we think it’s because she spent most of the match on the floor… everyone played really well and gave it their all, despite the fact we had no idea what was going on most of the time.

Special mention to Ansa Abad and Emma Malcolm for scoring our two goals and for Mel Comins for playing with the longest nails and not taking anyone’s eye out (maybe next match…)

We’ve learned a lot from our first match against some great players and we’re ready to play again next Thursday. We’re playing the team who finished at the bottom of the league last season, so we *might* be in with a chance…

15940327_10154722914286826_2609239541177083145_nWarnings are also given for use of foul language, so I’ll be sure to give you a post-match analysis after next Thursday’s match. Someone will be hanging their head in shame for sure…

If you’re interested in joining, it’s not too late! Just drop me an email and I’ll add you to the list of players.

Oh and at some point I’ll be arranging a charity guys v girls match, so stay tuned…


Wish us luck in the league!

Written by Katie Baxter 



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