Ryan’s Wish to Walk


Let me tell you about my friend’s son Ryan who is 4 years old. Ryan has cerebral palsy, he finds walking difficult, climbing the stairs harder but riding a bike and running impossible.

Ryan has been offered the chance to have a life changing operation which will mean that he can walk and run like a “normal” child. Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) has been performed on thousands of children around the world, with amazing results. Children who were told they would never walk are not only walking, they’re running, jumping and riding bikes too. These are the things we would love to see Ryan enjoying too. Unfortunately SDR isn’t available on the NHS.


Therefore Ryan’s family  and friends have organised lots of fundraising activities to raise the £40k required to fund the surgery and intensive physiotherapy for Ryan’s aftercare and I’m going to do my bit to support them too. I’m taking on a personal challenge and running my first half marathon on 2nd April.

If you would like support Ryan’s Wish to Walk and sponsor me on my marathon please click on this link https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Melanie-Marples1

For more information about Ryan visit http://www.ryanswishtowalk.com/


Thank you

Written by Mel Marples

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