Denim Dilemma


Every females worst nightmare…shopping for jeans

You find a pair you love and they stop making the style, you build yourself up for weeks for that dreaded day where you have to try on jeans. How do you decide, there are just too many things to consider, low rise, high rise, mid rise, skinny, straight, boyfriend, mom, boyfriends mom…and you run screaming from the shop!!

Rule # 1 always be comfortable

If you haven’t struggled to fit into your jeans then they are too big for you, they should be a snug fit with little room for loose change in the pockets. The nature of the fabric relax’s with you so walk around the changing room, sit down if they are still uncomfortable go up a size.

Rule #2 don’t force it

Don’t force yourself into a shape or style that doesn’t suit you, just because its fashionable. Jeans should be your timeless go to. Fashion comes and goes, jeans are forever. To find your style have a look at the below fits and the body shape they best suit.

Rule #3 don’t over wash

Over washing your jeans will ruin the elasticity of the fabric and they will lose their shape. You don’t have to wash them after every wear and when you do wash them no fabric softener and a cold wash only, this will help them to keep their shape.

Rule #4 you don’t have to spend the earth

The general consensus is that the more expensive the jean the better they will fit and last. Most denim factories that work for the top brands also work for the high street so as long as you are happy with the style, colour and fit, then don’t worry about the label.

Rule #5 Colour

As with everything the darker the colour the more flattering, so if you are conscious of any area of your bottom half avoid bleached or faded patches.  Faded thighs will focus people’s attention to this area of your body.

So the key is to find a shape that you are comfortable in and that fits  you well, unfortunately you will still have to try them on and you will still probably try on dozens of styles until you find the perfect  pair but the below will help you to narrow it down.


Skinny jeans work great on most body shapes, wearing them high-waisted will elongate your torso making you appear taller, if you have curves then the more structured the fabric the better for holding you in.


If you are conscious of your bum or thighs, the Boyfriend style is great as it balances out your proportions, you can still dress these up with heels.

High waisted

Great if you are conscious of your tummy, high-waisted jeans will smooth out the bumps you get with low-rise.


Balance out your hips with a wider leg, Bootcut always look great with heels for a more elegant look. The flare should only start from your knee so make sure you have the length correct.

Written by Bev O’Connell

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