And the Oscar goes to…


Darrrrrrhlings it’s Oscar time!!!!

The Gladrags team are super excited to bring you our first ever Oscar edition.We’ve been busy prepping behind the scenes with the juice only diets, the fibre supplements, the extra personal training sessions and the spray-tan appointments! Please feel free shout from the roof tops about how gorgeous we’re looking!! Yes … we are so buffed and polished you’ll need your (ray-ban)  sunglasses to look at us!

We’ve successfully sashayed down the red carpet in our perilously high-heeled shoes, whilst remembering to waft our fancy frocks, (strict governing rules regarding impartiality forbid us to reveal which of the brands our dresses are from), and  we are now poised and ready to announce the winners of this year’s FGH Oscars, so please, put your hands together and welcome your glamourous hostess’s from the Gladrags team, (*PAUSE FOR TUMULTUOUS APPLAUSE* )… and let the Awards Ceremony commence!

p.s Let’s hope someone passed Mr Beatty the right envelope this time!


We will open up this season’s Oscar Ceremony with the awards in the:-


.. and it gives us great pleasure to announce that the Winner for the best-selling Freemans “home” product goes to the DysonV6 Cordless Vacuum – A real action hero whose gritty and powerful performance in the housework battle scenes eclipsed all others! A worthy winner!

Now straight on to the Winner for the best-selling Freemans Fashion Product – this goes to the LASCANA Feather Print Cold Shoulder T-Shirt, featuring the on-trend cold shoulder design, it began it’s career in a supportive role in 4 leaflets in 2016, but its solid performance won a starring role in the Summer 2017 main book.


The Winner for the best-selling Grattan “home” product goes to the Straight Wizard heated brush – an unassuming little character whose strong supporting role in eliminating frizz, whilst creating volume and shine in just minutes, has won the hearts of many this season!

And the Winner of the best-selling Grattan Fashion Product goes to the Oli Twist Front Maxi Dress – This number was designed and choreographed exclusively by the UK Oli team, it’s floral tropical print has produced once of the most vibrant and bewitching performances this season, winning a legion of fans!


The Winner for the best-selling Look Again product goes to the Oli Stacey Solomon Tropical Maxi Dress –  once again the UK Oli team are sweeping the board with this exclusively designed maxi dress, which produced one of the most beautiful and elegant performances seen last summer.


The Winner for the best-selling product from Swimwear365 goes to the Blue Ombre Underwired Bandeau Bikini by LASCANA.  For many,  this was one of the most daring performances of the year, sourced from the Otto range, and despite its brief appearance, this little number proved a real ratings winner.


The Winner for the best-selling Kaleidoscope fashion performance goes to the lace champagne dress. A stunning performance that had the critics wowed with the finely tuned balance between eleganance and provocative.

 And the winner for the best-selling “home” product goes to the Iliana Eyelet Curtains –  in what can only be described as a truly  glittering show-stopping performance!


With what has been described a vibrant and “dippy” performance, this flattering portrayal of the Jersey Tee, means it has topped the chart consistently last season and it really is a worthy Winner of the Bon Prix best-selling fashion category!


The Winner for the best-selling Witt category goes to the colourful performance of the floral top. Set against a backdrop of exotic fauna, it has transported the audience to warmer climes and sandy beaches – a truly “feel good performance”.


The Winner of the Curvissa best-selling category goes to the deceptively simple floaty tunic. A thriller of a performance with its scene-stealing versatility, transforming from three-quarter sleeves to short sleeves in the blink of eye!


Now for the Award that everyone has been waiting for – the category of Best Supporting Colleague!  Without further ado … the nominations were:

Ian Hall (FLAGS), nominated by Clare Matthews and in her words:

Not only is Ian a whizz with numbers he’s always willing to help. This week he has set up an image look up file which will save me hours every week! Well done Ian! You are a STAR!

Sean Nugent (Kaleidoscope), nominated by Jodie Smith, Charlotte Williams and Sharon Hanson because:  

Sean is always willing to help everyone in both Kaleidoscope and FGH as a whole. He is an integral cog in the Kaleidoscope machine. His 29 years experience with the company has made his knowledge invaluable to FGH. He always brightens up my day! – Charlotte

He helps every single person within Kaleidoscope with EKR and Merchandise problems. He always has a smile on his face. He brightens up my day. And he is the nicest person I know – Jodie

Sean goes above and beyond for all staff on the Kaleidoscope floor. He has a high knowledge of our systems and if we have any questions he is always happy to assist. He works many extra hours to make sure his work is completed so Kaleidoscope and other areas within FGH have data by the required deadline. Certainly within the Buying and Merchandising area I don’t know how we would manage without Sean and his expertise. – Sharon

Kathryn Marr (Kaleidoscope), nominated by Angie Midgley

I would like to nominate Kathryn Marr for making me smile everyday with some of the barmy comments that she makes!

 Clare Matthews (FLAGS), nominated by Katie Baxter

I’d like to nominate Clare Matthews for stepping up as treasurer of our netball team and for also being our photographer and bib collector (also at netball)

Prakash Patel, nominated by Helen Flynn

I’d like to nominate Prakash Patel for this award.  He has stepped up at work taking on a lot of extra responsibility and has also continued to go over and above for others by giving up a LOT of his time to support charities and raising a lot of money for some great causes.  He is a true inspiration and deserves to be rewarded.  A true gent that deserves to get something back for a change, and it would be lovely if his contributions were acknowledged.

 Phil Jones (Marketing Services), nominated by Emily McKinley

I would like to nominate Phil Jones – nothing is ever too much trouble, he is always available to help and answer any queries, he always has time to explain things and he is the font of all knowledge! As a business we are lucky to have him!

 Louisa Guest  (FLAGS), nominated by Hayley O’Donnell

I would like to nominate Louisa Guest as my best supporting colleague. Louisa has taken me under her wing since I started 4 months ago, when everything was very new to me and I had lots of things to learn (especially in terms of the learning the systems). Louisa always supports me with my learning and answers my queries to the best she can to help me succeed, and has particularly put a lot of time into creating templates and documents for me, which I am very grateful for. So that’s why I believe Louisa should win the best supporting colleague nomination.

All are worthy winners in their own right – but the panel have discussed, deliberated and decided –  the award for the 2016/17 season for Best supporting Colleague goes to:

SEAN NUGENT – for his dedication, patience and hard work and to PRAKESH PATEL for his dedicated support to various charities.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for one final time and show your appreciation to these two deserving winners!!!

Written by Sally Hutchinson 

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