Greenpost – environmentally friendly and cost effective!


Did you know that since December 2014 FGH have been proud to say that we are accredited to send mail via Whistl’s greenpost intermediate tariff? Although we were compliant through our print and data management for a lot longer than this!

In order to send our post via this tariff our print team have dedicated a lot of time and resource to ensure that all our print is sourced with the environment in mind using recyclable products. Also that we ONLY use printers and mailing houses that have a documented commitment to environmental management and a baseline for environmental performance which identifies and ensures compliance with environmental legislation and develops environmental objectives, targets and programmes.

It doesn’t stop there! The data management team have an important role too, by keeping our in house data up to date and screening any data lists they ensure that we do not create wastage.

However we have not stopped striving for more, MOST is not good enough and we want ALL of our mail to be environmentally friendly. The print team is working hard to make this happen by trying to understand why the print we source from Germany is not compliant and advising the print teams in Germany so that they will make this happen!

Want to know more about what we have to do to qualify? You can find out more by clicking on the link below:-

Written by Sarah Garner

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