Look Again Needs You! (& your photos)


You may have noticed when shopping around on other websites that quite a lot of companies are now using customer images more and more on their homepages (usually in a scroller at the bottom of their homepage)

Look Again, and other brands to be announced later, are venturing into this new territory of User Generated Content and need your help in making it a success.

We know you buy items from our site already (thank you by the way), whether its fashion, or sportswear or something for your home, we’d like a photo of it to use in a gallery on our site, pretty please.

Do you have a selfie wearing something of ours?

Perhaps you bought a bed from us?

What about those new trainers?


There are 3 easy peasy ways of sending us your photos:

  1. Email me katie.baxter@fgh-uk.com
  2. Upload to our Facebook wall https://www.facebook.com/Lookagain.co.uk
  3. Pop it on Instagram https://www.facebook.com/Lookagain.co.uk

If you’re uploading via facebook or Instagram, just use the hashtag:


We’re launching in April as a trial, so get posting and you’ll be FAMOUS on our website and isn’t that just lovely?

Thank you in advance!

Written by Katie Baxter

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