Our Easter Egg Charity Appeal


A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who took part in our Easter Egg Appeal.

We have been amazed by the fantastic generosity of everyone who kindly donated the wonderful eggs

We managed to collect a staggering 250 Easter Eggs in all shapes and sizes.

We bundled these up and split them between 2 fantastic charities: Candlelighters & BRI Children’s Charity.

Both charities were overwhelmed by the amount of eggs they received and said they will have some very happy children on Sunday.  They passed on their heartfelt thanks to everyone.

BRI children_s charity (2)

Candlelighters (1)

Elaine Drake of the BRI charity explained they always make sure every child on the ward has an egg on Easter Sunday and this will save the money they would have spent on eggs and can be put forwards other non essential equipment to make the experience easier for the children.

Brian Curran from Candlelighters told us the eggs will be shared with the children undergoing treatment for cancer along with their brothers and sisters on the day.

A HUGE thank you again to everyone who donated.

The lucky winner of the Cello Tablet is Lynn O’Donoghue – green raffle ticket 111

Written by Rachel Elener & Adele Hopkins


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