FLAGS Furniture – ‘New Directions’


If you’ve been into the Bistro at Vicar Lane recently, hopefully you will have noticed that there is a display of furniture and textiles! (For those not able to make it to Vicar Lane, there is a picture on the intranet for you to see). This is a sneak peek as to what is happening within the Freemans/Grattan/Look Again Furniture department for AW17!

I took over the department in October, tasked with developing our furniture offer, showcasing it in a different way and bringing fresh ideas to the department. Basically, take the department in a ‘new direction’.

 The main change for AW17 (the catalogue in particular) is the coming together of two departments; furniture and textiles.

I firmly believe that furniture and textiles go hand in hand – when you buy a sofa it’s always good to have suggestions as to what cushions would compliment it, or how you can accessorise it in your room to create a certain feel, isn’t it?

In the same way that fashion promotes and highlights trends and suggests all the key pieces that go together, the same goes for interiors – show a room set with stand out furniture and gorgeous textiles (all at great prices, of course!) that all work together to create an amazing look and you’re more likely to buy into the ‘trend’!

We’re all so busy these days that we want the hard work done for us and want inspiration as to how our homes can look.

With this in mind, Team Furniture (Phil, Lynn and myself) and Team Textiles (Joanna, Rebecca and Andrea) completed our buying trips and then got our heads together and came up with 5 lifestyle trends for AW17, incorporating products from both departments.

These joint spreads are themed and sell a ‘lifestyle’ to the customer, similar to what you would see in any ‘homes’ magazine. The aim for AW17 is to and get the customer to be inspired and buy into the whole look and to come back to us to purchase multiple times throughout the season. We want our customer to think ‘wow, hang on a minute, this looks different from normal’ and start getting excited and inspired by our home ranges.

As well as the 5 new lifestyle spreads, we’ve gone in a different direction with the style of photography we’ve used. We’ve photographed some of the new furniture range in a more stylised way to create a fresh, new and exciting feel (there are some boards alongside the display in the bistro that feature some of the new style photography).

We’re very excited by the change in direction for AW17 and can’t wait to see the results.

Feel free to have a sit in the chair and get hands on with the textiles. We hope you agree that there are some lovely, stand out products! The full new range will be available to buy from the end of June.

Here are some more photographs to whet your appetite!

Sneak Preview Lifestyle Shots –

From initial sketch…………

Richmond Sketch

To Completed Photography………..

Richmond V2 Approved

From initial sketch…………

Kent SketchTo Completed Photography………..

Country Living - Approved

New Photography for New Range Products

Ruben Velvet Sofa, photographed with Arthouse Pindorama Wallpaper, Riley Coffee Table & Lexington Console Table

Reuben Selling Shot

Chateau Furniture photographed in a more stylised way

Chateau Furniture Approved

We’d love to hear what you think about the ‘new direction’, too (good or bad!), so don’t be shy and comment below!

P.S. For those of you at Listerhills, we’re currently working on a showroom within the canteen area where all brands can showcase products for you to see as well. Keep your eyes peeled for this!

Written by Rachel Nimz- Taylor

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