Behind the scenes with Swimwear365



Earlier this month you may have noticed that the Swimwear365 team disappeared for a few days, armed with over 100 bikinis, swimsuits and tankinis. We travelled for hours to get to one very special hot tropical destination, with white sandy beaches, high dunes and soaring temperatures… we had landed in Manchester. Swapping sunny Ibiza for the comfort of a local studio, we began filming the new season Swimwear365 TV advert – you’d never know!



Starting the day at 7.30am we arrived at Big Shed studios to begin shooting the advert. Our two models Katja and Erin were already in hair and make-up and in preparation for the day to start. Once the girls were ready we got the music started (and the heaters blowing) and let the models take the lead.



Working through 39 pieces of swimwear on the day, we had to be quick and organised, ‘backstage’ our stylist Becky was on hand to get the models dressed. When fitting the models with the swimwear she told us first she looked at hair colour to fit the right swimwear to each model, Katja looked great in the blue/green colours and Erin looked stunning in stand out pink and purple.



We spoke to Katja to get some last minute holiday and bikini advice:

Which is your favourite swimwear and why?

 I’d say a bandeau two piece bikini, just because you don’t get any tan lines while you’re tanning and the style is super flattering on my shape.

Which are your favourite pieces from the Swimwear365 Tv ad?

I think I’d have to go with a bandeau style bikini, of course! The Printed Bandeau Bikini by Bruno Banani has loads of pattern and it has removable straps, so when you’re tanning you don’t get any tan lines. Also, the back of the bikini is beautiful with all the detailing, it’s very modern and Ibiza looking – which I love!

What advice would you give for keeping your bikini body all year round?

I’d say find an exercise you love and make it a lifestyle, obviously eating healthily is the most important thing. I do everything – I love yoga, running, interval training, and weights and love to mix it up to keep myself motivated!

Where will you be jetting off to this summer?

I’m going to Ibiza for fun, my roommate is opening a hotel there so I can’t wait to see that and to get some sun while I’m there, it’s such a fun and cheap place to go. I’m also heading to Barbados for work to do some more modelling for shoot I have over there.

Which bikini styles do you think best flatter your figure?

That’s a hard question! I think because I have an hourglass figure, I think the retro styles really suit me, especially high waisted bikini bottoms but I don’t wear them that often. I’ll always wear a two piece and mostly go for a triangle bikini or a bandeau because they’re the best for tanning.

Which key summer trends will you be trying out this season?

Maybe I’ll try the retro look! It’s always a great idea to try out new swimwear styles, especially ones which suit your figure. I usually go for really bright swimwear and styles which suit the destination I’m going to – in Ibiza I’ll definitely be trying out some funky styles.

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Written by Emily Oldfield


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