The Summer Party – The Face. Step 4… The Eyes Have it.


Step 4 – The Eyes Have it

On the Playlist – Shania Twain ‘Man! I feel like a woman’.

Start by framing those peepers with beautiful brow…

  • Pluck away any strays and only strays, keeping your brows at their natural thickness will make them look much more modern.
  • Brush through with a spoolie and fill in lightly with a powder or pencil that matches your natural shade, using light quick strokes to mimic the look of real hairs. Finish by blending some champagne coloured eye shadow on the brow bone underneath for extra definition.

Moving on eyeshadow. For a fool proof, appropriate-for-all-occasions, brown smoky eye follow these simple steps;

  • Apply a matte light brown all over your eye lid followed by a slightly darker matte shade in your crease and blend, blend, bland with a fluffy eye brush!
  • Put a pop of shimmery brown in the centre of your lid using your finger and pat in gently, then take the dark matte brown again and with a thin brush smudge it onto your lower lash line (only going about half way along)
  • Finish with the shimmery champagne shade, using your forefinger to pat it right in the corner by your tear ducts – this brightens your eyes and gives the look finesse.

Eyeliner time, and we’re going to do a wing! There are so many tips out there for perfecting a winged liner – here’s how I do it…

  • I prefer to use a liquid liner rather than a gel or kohl – it lasts longer and gives the sharpest flick. Start in the centre of your lid, brush outwards to the corner of your eye and STOP!
  • Without re-dipping the brush start drawing lightly from the inner corner moving towards the centre and join the two lines up, keeping it as thin as you can.
  • Onto the flick – re-dip and point the end of your brush to where you want the point of your flick to be, press on and draw towards the eye, joining this up with the line you’ve already drawn. Thicken the flick with small careful strokes, always keeping the point of the brush at the point of the flick.
  • Hopefully you’ve now got something that vaguely resembles a sultry cat eye! If not, keep practising – you’ll eventually land on a technique that feels right for you and you can do in 10 seconds flat. Remember, if your wings are not 100% symmetrical don’t worry! Honestly, especially once you’ve got your mascara on, people won’t notice and the overall effect will be just as striking!
  • Finishing with mascara – take the wand, start at the very base of the lashes and wiggle the wand side to side, up towards the ends. This wiggling helps lift and separate lashes and makes your eyes look bigger. Repeat this a few times, focusing on the very outer lashes and fanning them out sideways – this will emphasise that *extremely professional* cat eye you have just perfected.

Bat those lashes, baby. Your eyes are done! Coming soon – the finishing touches that will pull this whole look together!

My personal favourites…

Eyebrows – Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil


This brilliant brow pencil really lives up to it’s name – it’s slanted pencil makes it easy and quick to shape and fill brows, and it comes with a spoolie on the other end! (Get it: Boots, Debenhams)


Eyeshadow Palette – Urban Decay Naked 1


This cult palette is the only one you need to create countless beautiful looks. Use the soft matte shades for quick definition day to day, then pull out the sparkles for night time. This is the exact palette I use to create my go-to smokey eye described above with the shade ‘naked’ as the light matte brown, ‘buck’ as the dark mate brown, ‘sidecar’ as the pop of sparkle and ‘sin’ as the champagne shade on the brow bone and tear duct – it’s that simple!

Liner – Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner


I started using this liquid liner when I was about 16 and my allegiance hasn’t changed in that time. Its small, fine brush gives you really good control and it stays on ALL DAY, even when I try my best to sweat it off in particularly strenuous netball games. (Get it: Boots, Superdrug)

Mascara – Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

too faced

Excuse the saucy name, but this mascara really is amazing. I’m blessed with fairly long lashes anyway but this really makes them look out of this world, Betty Boop levels of fluttery! (Get it: Debenhams, House of Fraser)



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