With the FGH Celebration party only a couple of days away – we’ve created our own hashtag to use on the night so we can collate all  of the fab party pics afterwards! So please ensure you tag your selfies/photographs with...  #fghcelebration17   I was a bit late embracing the social media phenomenon but 2 … Continue reading #fghcelebration17


FLAGS Furniture – ‘New Directions’

If you’ve been into the Bistro at Vicar Lane recently, hopefully you will have noticed that there is a display of furniture and textiles! (For those not able to make it to Vicar Lane, there is a picture on the intranet for you to see). This is a sneak peek as to what is happening … Continue reading FLAGS Furniture – ‘New Directions’

Stuck what to buy this Christmas?!

.... Then take a look at some of our customers' top choices for gifts this season for all the family, offering great value for money! The 3 for 2’s continue to be really popular with our customers and the majority are included in this offer! Top 5 Gifts Overall  Sunkissed Bronze Compact (62W677) £7 – this has been a top gift year … Continue reading Stuck what to buy this Christmas?!