Gladrags – Beating the Bugs!

After congratulating myself I’d dodged the office Christmas cold – I am sat here typing this with a red, raw nose that has defeated the concealer stick and is now smothered in Sudafed, (at least it tones down the vibrant glow). I have given up with the niceties of delicately dabbing my dripping nostrils and … Continue reading Gladrags – Beating the Bugs!


FGH girls are having a (net)ball

2016 brought us many turbulent times, but it looks like 2017 will bring even more turbulence as FGH enter a ladies netball team into a local league! Our team name: the FGH Ballers. And here we are: Our first match was Thursday evening and 11 of us across the business headed over to jump straight … Continue reading FGH girls are having a (net)ball