Looking Festive & Fabulous!

Here's our Christmas Jumper winner Cath Keenan wearing her prize of the fluffy snowflake jumper. Cath is joined by Debra Kitson who bought the range of Christmas jumpers for this season - and what a good job she did too!   Don't forget to wear your jumper each Friday on the run up to Christmas. Don't have one? … Continue reading Looking Festive & Fabulous!


The Christmas Jumper Winner!

Ok, we admit it, it was very sneaky of us - but we wanted to see how many of you would read though our entire Christmas Jumper post and spot the competition we placed at the bottom. Fortunately for us (and one lucky winner) quite a few of you did! Well done to Catherine Keenan (Finance team) who spotted … Continue reading The Christmas Jumper Winner!